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Loving GOD Today website exists to proclaim how much God loves us all, and how we can be Loving GOD Today and every day.

There are over 100 pages in this website, covering most every subject concerning Biblical faith in God today.


Loving GOD Today is arranged by Categories listing topics of Biblical study. 

Each Topic - Category - listed has its own set of Articles (Questions and Answers). 

Each Category and its Articles are to be used as a Bible Study. 

We encourage you to use the information on this website to prayerfully study the Word of God.

The Scripture referenced in this website is from the King James Holy Bible, unless otherwise noted.  (Bold, italics, capitalization may be used for emphasis).

When you click on any Category below you will be taken to that page and given a list of Articles regarding that topic.

For your convenience, we have placed a link back to this Categories page at the top and bottom of this website on every page.

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For greater detail and topic questions see - Table of Contents

The Table of Contents list all the Categories and their Articles.

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